A great roleplaying experience for all!

Welcome to DartCraft's website!

Dartcraft is a new bukkit server. We are currently a small community, but we are a friendly one, we are constantly working on the server to make it a better place, and we are constantly getting/editing plugins to make the server more fun.

Current Staff:

Owner: Darttagman, Epitheus

Ops: Pokemonwn

Builders: None

Trusted: None

Admins: None

Super Admins: None


No Griefing

No Advertising

Bring Cursing Down To A Minimal

No Mods (used to grief or find items)

No Asking For Ranks

Server Not Yet Public

Keep in mind, the video to the right is an old world, but the staff do still prank people every once and awhile! Sometimes, instead of being pranked, you get a little christmas, or house deck'd over, or other great things!

The server also does has special parties and buildings to celebrate some of the holidays!

Current Projects:

Fixing ranks and permissions. Workers- Epitheus

Improving Spawn. Workers-darttagman

Misc. Workers- Pokemonwn